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Battle your biofilm

Laura Edgar

Presentation overview:

The battle has begun, and you didn’t even realise it!

Laura will uncover the enemy hiding in plain sight in your dental units and discuss how by using its specialist skills and expertise, this insurgent threat is contaminating your water.

Your dental practice needs you, join us in the battle against biofilm!

Key learning aims and objectives:

  • Understand what biofilms are and how they contaminate DUWL
  • Understand the risks associated with biofilms and contamination of DUWL
  • Understand the methods available to control contamination of water systems
  • Understand how to use auditing to protect your water quality, staff and patients.

Presenter biography:

Laura is a dental decontamination trainer with a special interest in DUWL and biofilms.

Laura has developed her knowledge and experience of dental decontamination with qualifications from Anglia Ruskin University and with working in the dental decontamination field for 10 years.

Laura is a bit of a biofilm nerd and loves delivering training to groups of dental professionals to support their development in practice.

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