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Communicating with challenging people

Bryan Harvey

Presentation overview:

This presentation will provide an overview of how to communicate effectively with a challenging person to try and ensure that a potentially difficult encounter does not deteriorate.

Key learning aims and objectives:

  • To discuss the importance of good communication with challenging people
  • Understand how difficulties in communication can give rise to complaints
  • Appreciate the importance of appropriate written communication and record keeping.

Presenter biography:

Following 25 years in general dental practice in 1995, Bryan became a dentolegal adviser for the Dental Defence Union and in 1997 deputy head of the DDU.

In December 2015 he stepped down as deputy head and is now a senior dentolegal adviser.

Whilst in GDP he worked as an associate specialist in oral surgery and for the British Dental Association.

Bryan was also a VT trainer.

He is a member of the Essex Local Dental Committee, on the Local Dental Network and the Oral Surgery Managed Clinical Network and still works alternate Saturday mornings in general practice to keep ‘his gloves wet’.

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