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Erosive tooth wear – the third most common oral condition

Danielle Davison

Presentation overview:

This session will help dentists, hygienists and therapists understand the importance of erosive tooth wear and why they should record it routinely in their clinical notes, like the BPE as part of every oral health assessment.

The use of the basic erosive wear examination (BEWE) will be discussed as well as practical advice for patients.

Key learning aims and objectives:

  • Understanding of the definition of erosive tooth wear and its key clinical signs
  • Recognition of the global burden and prevalence of the condition and the role of the dental professional in combating this disease
  • Identification of risk factors in general practice
  • An update on the BEWE – and how it should be incorporated as part of routine clinical dental examinations with BPE
  • Understanding of prevention, progression and record keeping requirements.

Presenter biography:

Danielle studied genetics at the University of Glasgow and has worked with GSK for four years.

She is part of GSK’s dental expert team – this involves running educational sessions with dental students and staff.

Erosive tooth wear is the third most common oral condition and prevalence is increasing in the UK population.

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